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DK&C Co.,Ltd. possesses expert manpower that both has uncommon strategies and planning power, and deduces the optimal development proposal through environment analysis, location analysis, validity analysis and economic feasibility analysis relating to real estate development. Also, we realize integrated marketing that deals not only marketing for planning, but also consulting, by providing enterprise management IT solutions, and establishing and applying efficient marketing strategies.

By outgrowing from standardized development methods, and using self-development method and diversified development methods through exchanges of real estate development work of advanced nations, we analyze the needs and trend of clients to maximize our clientsĄŻ property values, and manage all legal problems such as the business analysis of projects, fund supplying, construction and distributions with our perfect system and present the maximum satisfaction.

DK&C Co.,Ltd. is developing swift and stable distribution activity through market economy surveys and marketing surveys based on the experience and know-how gained while growing as a key business in real estate distribution and leasing.
Now that expertise is known as the most important survival strategy, we will become your successful business partner of distribution strategies through market surveys, establishment of early distribution Concept, distribution advertisement, SP, forming of advertisement plans, opening ceremony, and distribution business.